Federal Solar Tax Credits

When homeowners go solar, they can benefit from federal solar tax credits.

What Is a Solar Tax Credit?

Tax credits are a reduction in income tax that you would owe otherwise. This is sometimes known as an Investment Tax Credit (ITC), but this differs from the ITC offered on solar panel systems. So, what are federal solar tax credits? The federal solar tax credit is a tax credit that you can claim on your taxes for a percentage of the cost of your solar panel system.

How Long Does the Federal Solar Tax Credit Last?

Congress passed an extension on the ITC back in December 2020. This offers a 26% solar tax credit for solar panels systems that are installed between the years 2020-2022, and then 22% solar tax credit for systems installed in 2023. The federal solar tax credit expires in 2024 unless Congress passes on another extension, which they’ve been shown to do in the past. Additionally, there is no maximum to what can be claimed.

Does My System Qualify for Federal Solar Tax Credit?

The definition of a qualified solar panel system is that your system must be installed for service during the tax year, and it must produce electricity for a home in the United States (foreign real estate doesn’t qualify). What does installed for service mean? There is no test from the IRS, but it simply means a completed installation.

There are additional expenses associated with a solar panel installation, so many people ask if these expenses are included in the federal solar tax credit.

If you meet the following, you might be eligible for the federal solar tax credit:
  • Your solar panel system was installed between January 1, 2006, and December 31, 2023.
  • The solar panel system is installed at your primary or secondary residence in the United States.
  • You own your solar panel system (i.e., you purchased it with cash or through solar panel financing).
  • The solar panel system is new or being used for the first time (federal solar tax credit can only be claimed on the original installation of the system).
Here are some of the things that are included:
  • A solar panel that solely powers an attic fan (however, the fan itself doesn’t qualify for the solar tax credit).
  • Contractor labor costs, such as preparing the site, assembly, installation, permitting fees, inspection costs, and developer fees.
  • Equipment that is used specifically for your solar panel system, such as wiring, mounting equipment, and inverters.
  • Devices used to store energy, even if this equipment was installed in a subsequent tax year.
  • Sales taxes, but only on eligible expenses.
  • If additional expenses are directly associated with your solar panel system, they could be eligible for federal solar tax credit.

Why is the Federal Solar Tax Credit Important?

Because the federal solar tax credit benefits homeowners who switch to solar energy, it has become a driving force to incentivize switching to clean energy in the United States. Solar has grown a lot over the decades, and it is still going strong. The federal solar tax credit has done a lot to promote solar energy. This policy has provided long-term stability, and in return, this has allowed businesses to drive down costs. Because of this, companies like Sparrow Electric can offer customers a new way to install a system through solar panel financing. The federal solar tax credit has been a great success, and we’re eager to see how this policy can keep us moving forward.

Our Solar Panel Financing Process

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Install Your Solar Panel System

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After the installation, you’ll take advantage of solar savings.

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