Sparrow Electric 

Solar panels can significantly reduce your monthly electricity bill, if not eliminate it altogether. Sparrow Electric provides you with the smart way to go green with clean energy. 

You Can Save When You Go Solar

It’s true that solar panel systems are expensive. But that’s where Sparrow Electric can help. We provide homeowners with an opportunity to upgrade their homes by switching to solar energy.

Get Approved With No Money Down

Through solar panel financing, there are no upfront costs or out-of-pocket expenses. Sparrow Electric can help you access the financing you need so you can get started today.

We’ll Save You Money Off Your Electric Bill

When you finance through Sparrow Electric, we make it possible for your monthly loan payment to be less than what you're spending on your power bill every month. Let’s slash that power bill and upgrade your home today.

Our Financing Process

At Sparrow Electric, our financing process is convenient so that you can benefit from solar panels once they’re installed. Here’s how it works:

Help Secure a Solar Loan

Come to Sparrow Electric and we can help you get approved for a solar loan.

Install Your Solar Panel System

Once approved for financing, your system gets installed.

Enjoy Solar Savings

After the installation, you’ll reap the benefits of solar savings.

Why Solar Financing?

Solar loans make it possible for those of us who don’t have the money to pay for the system upfront. And when you’re able to make your monthly loan payment for less than what you pay on your utility bill, it makes sense. Sparrow Electric is here to help homeowners find a way to upgrade their homes.