You’re Spending Too Much On Power

The increasing cost of electricity from traditional sources makes solar installation an option worth considering. As you search for an alternative, look to Sparrow Electric. Our no-money-down solar option will instantly lower what you pay for energy each month.

Help Secure a Solar Loan

Help Secure a Solar Loan

Come to Sparrow Electric and we can help you get approved for a solar loan.

Install Your Solar Panel System
Enjoy Solar Saving

Our financing process

At Sparrow Electric, we streamline the financing process so that you’re able to benefit from solar panels on your home. Here’s how it works:

Help Secure a Solar Loan

Come to Sparrow Electric and we can help you get approved for a solar loan.

Install Your Solar Panel System

Once approved for financing, your system gets installed.

Enjoy Solar Saving

After the installation, you’ll reap the benefits of solar savings

Sparrow Electric Can Help You

Sparrow Electric has a small, responsive team with some of the best solar experts in the country. We will personally assist you with any questions or concerns you have. As your expert solar team, we walk you through the process from financing to installation. With Sparrow Electric, you don’t have any upfront costs or out-of-pocket expenses. We install enough solar panels to start reducing your energy bill immediately, and your solar payment will be less than you were paying for power.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

25 year

Product Warranty

Our panels and inverters come from top-tier manufacturers, so we handle the warranty claim in case of an issue.

10 year

Product Guarantee

We will install additional panels at no cost to you if your system output falls short of projections.

25 year

Workmanship Warranty

Our thoroughly trained technicians complete our installations accurately. Plus, we warranty our work for ten years, so you can rest assured if any issues arise.

We Deliver Service You Can Trust

Solar power is becoming more and more popular across the country, with thousands of homes installing panels each year. There has never been a better time than now for homeowners to get solar power. We help you with the financing and installation no matter where you live in Texas or Utah.

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Is Solar Power A Good Fit For My Home?

There are several items a homeowner must consider when looking at installing solar panels on their home. Solar power is cleaner and more affordable than traditional power, plus it can significantly decrease your reliance on fossil fuels. Contact our team today if you have questions about how solar power works and the many benefits that accompany switching to this renewable resource.

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We Secure Solar Financing Regardless of Your Credit Score

With the addition of the 26% Federal Tax Credit, now is the time to look at residential solar panels for your home. Sparrow Electric can help secure financing for your solar panel installation. You reap more than economic benefits because you also contribute to a cleaner future with renewable resources and reduce your dependency on foreign oil and fossil fuels.