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*No purchase necessary. All decision makers must be present at the quote. Only valid for current homeowners who have not previously had a quote from Sparrow Electric.
How Solar Can Benefit You Immediately
Lock in a new lower solar payment!
This makes it easy to plan out your energy costs so you don't have to worry about how much your bill is going to be each month
Stop paying Rocky Mountain Power!
Now you can avoid 6-7% yearly rate increases and see your solar savings increase over time. 
Own an asset that turns sunlight into energy!
Take advantage of the limitless resource hitting your roof everyday and start generating thousands of dollar of free electricity! 
“Sparrow has been awesome to us! They built our solar setup and more. Their quality of installation is top notch and price REALLY can't be beat. I have a friend who works for a larger competitor and he thought for the price I was going DIY route.”  
           - Andi B.
“I had an excellent experience with Sparrow Electric. Once I decided to look at solar power for my home, I met with several prominent solar companies. I sat through sales pitches and talked over what solar would look like for my home, and thought I was getting good service... Then I met with Sparrow Electric. They were extremely professional, courteous, detailed, and worked with me at length to make sure that I was happy with the system. They were significantly less expensive than other solar companies, had great financing options, offered premium products, and never pushed me to make a decision before I was ready. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.”
           - Devin A.
“My husband did all the interactions with the pricing and statistics and such, so I can't speak much to that, other than it went smoothly and was the best bid we found. But the install team was a delight. They were cognizant of the fact that I had small children sleeping and tried to be quiet, even though they were tramping around on the roof, and were very polite and prompt. Our panels were placed in an aesthetic arrangement, and I am excited for the added value to our house.”  
          - Marissa G.

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